The Coobie Scoopneck Bra + a BOGO Coupon Code

by Nicole on June 27, 2013

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It sounds silly, I know. There’s also a picture of some random girl’s boobs right here. I swear, though, if you buy this bra, it’ll be your favorite (and no, Coobie isn’t paying me to write this, they don’t even know I’m writing this).

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On Tuesday, I visited Trousseau with my MIL. Since I’m quite busty, Trousseau is my go-to for bras … Victoria’s Secret just doesn’t cut it. VS quality sucks, they put me in the wrong sizes, etc. But, I digress.

One of the things I asked the girl at Trousseau to help me find was an every day bra. Something I could sleep in, wear to work (considering “work” is my home office), and be comfortable in. I was skeptical that I’d find something without an underwire, but that’s what I was looking for. I wanted to pull something over my head and just be comfortable (a word that’s used few and far between in a busty woman’s vocabulary).

She brought me a Coobie bra. To be 100% honest, I laughed at her. I really didn’t think it’d work. But, I put it on and holy shit. It’s actually supportive and seriously so comfortable.  Now, I had to take out the little boobie inserts, because my boobs are FAR larger than they were … but it didn’t matter, I didn’t need or want them anyway.

The scoopneck bra is seamless, no hooks or clasps (hallelujah). The back is totally smooth, and it’s not racer back (racer back bras weigh WAY too heavily on my neck, giving me headaches). Each bra comes with removable pads and the straps are adjustable.

Sizing: Their standard scoopneck fits 32A to 36D. Full Size fits 38A to 42DD. I wear a 36E and it holds me in and up just fine.

Price: $20 + shipping for the standard, $22 for the full size.

Coupon Code! PBOGO will make your second bra FREE. Just put the TWO bras of your choice in your shopping cart, then enter the code, and voila … BOGO!


Enjoy :)

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Angie Mae June 28, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Oh my goodness! I feel your pain-I just wet on a whole bra shopping adventure and still came out felling let down! They don’t seem do carry bras that are supportive and comfy over a size C! What’s up with that?

For $22- I’ll give it a try!!


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