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by Nicole on January 20, 2014

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Well, we finally got to pick all the finishes, colors, and details for our new house! As of last weekend, the slab and plumbing are in, and exterior block walls are up! It’s so exciting watching the progress and counting down the days until we can actually beĀ in it and really enjoy it.

Over Christmas, we spent an entire day (I’m not even kidding, we were there for 8 hours) choosing all the final touches for our house. We picked flooring (we’re going with a creamy porcelain 18″ tile for everywhere but the bedrooms, they’ll get carpet, wall colors (white, we want to paint ourselves when we move in), granite (crema pearl), cabinets (espresso), appliances (you guys, my dishwasher is like a SPACESHIP), lighting, bath and kitchen fixtures, exterior colors, etc.

We took forever because we wanted to be sure everything was exactly what we wanted. Luckily, our builder’s sales rep is amazing (like, really … I bring her a bottle of wine every time I go see her, and I can’t wait to finally drink one with her … or two), and gave us keys to all of the empty houses in the development so we could see different cabinets, flooring, granite, tile, etc in action. That helpedĀ so much.

The other thing we finally decided on was to get a POOL! It’s quite the investment, but we want to spend a ton of time outside, and I know we’ll be so glad we did it … it’ll be well worth the extra couple hundred dollars a month. I can just see Baby Rod splashing and playing on the stairs of the pool (we asked for extra-wide stairs so she could comfortably sit with toys) … makes my heart warm.

Anyway … here are some photographic updates of the progress:

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4(I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to turn your head uncomfortably, I really don’t want to pull these pictures into Photoshop to flip them, save them, and re-upload)

… do you see that SKY!? That gorgeous, blue, fluffy sky? I can’t wait.

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