A Long-Overdue Jolly VoxBox Post

by Nicole on January 23, 2014

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So, between feeling lousy and big and pregnant and getting stricken by the worst stomach flu (or food poisoning?) of my life, the holidays are a bit of a blur for me … and I didn’t do much with my Influenster VoxBox, other than post to Instagram about how excited I was … and how good the Skinny Cow chocolates were (seriously … ridiculously good).

So, I figured I’d try all the makeup products and report back to you in one fell swoop.

Here are the products I used:

photo 3[1]

The Rimmel London Show Off lip stain/gloss and the NYC palette both came in my Jolly VoxBox … the rest I had in my own makeup bag. I can’t for my life remember what the Cover Girl powder is … it’s OLD and the sticker is rubbed off, but it’s awesome.  I also love my Big Eyes mascara. The Cover Girl eyeliner is the best drug store eyeliner I’ve tried (non-drug store, I like LORAC). And lastly, my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette brush (love this brush).

Here’s me before (please don’t judge my stupid selfie face):


Completely unrelated to the products in my Jolly VoxBox … I’d like to point out that that CG powder covered that gross zit on my chin … without concealer.


Here’s me after putting my face on:


And here’s a closeup of the NYC eyeshadow palette:


Let me start by saying that I’m super skeptical of drug store eyeshadow. Most of it, anyways. So, I went into this with no expectations (or maybe with low expectations …).

My first thought was that it was odd that the crease color was lighter than the all-over color … so I ignored that and I flip-flopped them. I put the bottom color on my entire lid, the middle one in my crease (and a little under my eye on my lash line), and the top one up to my brow.  I was pretty impressed at how it went on … not at all what I expected from NYC (or from drug store makeup in general). The colors were actually pretty good, too … they were a bit brighter than I expected them to be.  The downside? It didn’t stay on very well, but you get what you pay for, so yeah.

As for the Rimmel lip color, I LOVE it. Now. I kinda hate the color on me (confession: I gave it to my mom, and it looks fab on her), but I plan on buying it in another color. It’s not a gloss. It’s more of a stain? Kinda like lipstick dressed up like a lip gloss for Halloween. Easy to apply, goes on smoothe, isn’t sticky at all. I’m a huge fan. I feel like a kid playing with mom’s makeup when I wear lipstick and I think this product fixed that for me 😉 I can have the grown-upness of a non-sticky non-glossy color, without the twist up stick.

Anyhoodle … that’s just about all I’ve got for today. Exhausted.

xo :)

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