High Five for Friday!

by Nicole on January 31, 2014

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Oh thank goodness. Friday is FINALLY here. It’s been a crazy week … so here. In no particular order:

This Week's Recap

  1. TONS of house updates. Framing is in, electrical is going in (most outlets were in already when those photos were taken … more of an update on that this next week), shingles are going on, front door is in (!). So exciting.
  2. I failed my 1-hour glucose test. Ugh. So, yesterday, I had my 3-hour. Double the sugar (100g!), 5 minutes to drink it (it’s almost the consistency of syrup), then 4 blood tests (my arms are so bruised). I get results next week … but if I failed 2 or more of the tests, they’ll diagnose me with gestational diabetes. Joy!
  3. I chopped off my hair. About 7-8″ of it. And I’m cutting more off next week.
  4. Our house is currently in shambles. I’m refinishing the cabinet doors (of course, I’ll share progress and updates), we had contractors here all week redoing the basement (new drywall, insulation, paint, baseboards, carpet), we replaced¬†every single light fixture in the house (HUGE difference, wish we had done it sooner), and over the next 2-3 weeks, I get to put it all back together. Hmph.
  5. Week 27 starts tomorrow! Baby Rod is SUPER active and she’s now big enough that I can feel her in two places at once (as in, head to toe, she spans my entire belly so I feel her poking me with both her feet and hands). We started to discuss/take notes for a birth plan and we’re getting ready. So excited!

That. Is. It. I’m really exhausted after this week … so I’ll be going to bed early tonight, spending tomorrow cleaning, packing, and refinishing cabinets then MIL and I are going to start on Baby Rod’s quilt tomorrow night :).

Super Bowl will be spent at Dan’s friend’s house, I plan on making buffalo chicken dip and buffalo chicken pizza (recipes to come next week if I remember) … and eating everything they have at the house … because if I DO get diagnosed with GD next week, I want a last hurrah. So, GO FOOTBALL! (I guess I’m rooting for the Broncos)

Have an excellent weekend, friends!

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