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by Nicole on March 3, 2014

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So our new house is on a roll! It’s amazing how quick it’s coming along; at the beginning, it was so slow … between plans and permits, plumbing, and our slab, it felt like it was taking forever (in reality about 2-3 months). But then, suddenly, once the slab was in and the block walls went up, it’s flown. Since Christmas, we’ve gotten block walls, a roof and shingles, framing, windows and doors, electrical, exterior stucco (that still needs to be painted) and they’re currently working on drywall. So amazing.

I got an email from our sales rep letting me know that the house would be done EARLY! Initially they were planning for April/May (and we were going to move in in June). Now, she’s thinking end of March/early to mid April … it will be DONE. Holy cow.

We still can’t move in until June, because of Baby Rod (you know, that’s kinda important … so is selling our current house). But still, how exciting!! (and torturous)

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You can see that our beautiful windows are in (and the front door! So official!), and the stucco is done. One of the last things they’ll do is paint it — we picked a creamy color with a darker creamy color for the garage door and accents. The front door will be a very dark (almost black) charcoal grey.

I’m especially excited for our windows. Not only are they big and beautiful (I absolutely love the arched tops), but they’re impact windows, which means they’re virtually indestructible and hurricane/weather safe. This means that we won’t have to put up storm shutters ever!

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Feast your eyes on our back patio. This whole area is covered by the roof … those three rounded windows are our breakfast nook and to the right of that is our living room … to the right of the living room window is where our outdoor TV will be hung (because … football in the pool). ┬áThe slider all the way to the right is off my office (which is the master bedroom sitting room), and the slider all the way to the left is off the family room. The not-concrete portion of this area will eventually be concrete and a pool, covered by a huge screen enclosure!

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And meanwhile … in the teeny tiny townhouse, cabinet refinishing continues. Can you tell I didn’t want to spend the money on the little pyramid things that you’re supposed to put the cabinets on to dry them? What can I say? I’m trying to save a buck!

So far, all the cabinets are painted. I’m going to spend evenings this week touching them up and if any need extra coats, I’ll do that. Then, I’m hoping that by Friday, I’ll be ready to clear coat them ALL with a protective coat. That takes 24 hours to dry, then we can put the hardware back on, and re-hang all of them … meaning we’ll be DONE!

The last two details for the kitchen will be repainting a couple of walls and grouting the backsplash you see above. Other than that, we really are done. I can’t believe it!

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